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All human beings are connected in a powerful way. The capability to surface and sense these deep connections bears the possibility to unify, to grow, fuse together and create a continuous flow of energy and love. Unity is greater than the sum of its parts. Music is vibrancy. We are vibrancy. Everything is oscillating. Sine. Living these vibes can break down barriers, walls and oppression. In this, our world of networks, anonymity and complexity we want to be a sign, lighting a beacon of Unity. theSINE

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    Lord of Harmony. Energetic riffs. Music of the spheres. Moving ballads. Stunning solos. He´s the fusion of all above, the handler of emotions and intelligence, master of music and sports, peace and urges. Fritz is the inner child, unfolding to great variety.
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    He is beyond question one of Munich´s most outstanding young drummers. Known as docent at the prestigious “Drummer´s Focus” drumming school and the heartbeat of countless bands from Rock to Electro, from Latin to Pop, from HipHop to Jazz. Within theSINE he developed his unique style of drumming and connected the band with the help of his predilection for sound-design, technology and spirituality.
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    A voice that goes straight to your heart. Unbelievably talented in grooves, sounds and melodies. A dancer, still known to the scene after more then 10 years of absence. In every way he´s a true Artist. Our King.
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    The centered. The baseline. The whole of rhythm and melodies. Singer, thinker and philosopher. Foundation and inner peace, the strength and energy of calmness, channeling through the sound of his bass.


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Past Shows

30 Jul 2016 SINE Geiselhöring, Bavaria ( GER ) Arts of Love Festival Arts of Love Festival
18 Jun 2016 SINE Inning, Bavaria ( GER ) Festival Inning Festival Inning
20 May 2016 SINE Berlin, GER Urania: Reden für Menschlichkeit Urania: Reden für Menschlichkeit
24 May 2014 SINE Munich, Bavaria ( GER ) Live on Stachus Live on Stachus
21 Apr 2014 SINE Freising, Bavaria ( GER ) Lindenkeller RPWL-Support Lindenkeller RPWL-Support
10 Apr 2014 SINE Dettenhofen, Bavaria ( GER ) FUHA-LICIOUS, Dettenhofen FUHA-LICIOUS, Dettenhofen
10 Jan 2014 SINE Munich, Bavaria ( GER ) Löwenbräukeller 30Y ON THE BEAT – DRUMMER‘S FOCUS Löwenbräukeller 30Y ON THE BEAT – DRUMMER‘S FOCUS